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Where Martech Meets Business

The digital economy changed the way we do business forever.
Strategy, marketing and technologies converge to create new domains of success for your brand.

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The Age of Liminal Marketing

Martech Revolution

Marketing can no longer be just reactive. Technologies are changing marketing and customer experience is enriched in multiple channels, increasing the return on investment and the value that is added to the relationship with customers.

The New Consumer

The voice of the consumer has been released and amplified on a global scale. The brands reputation depends on the impulses of the new consumer, who has the means to actively interact and evaluate products coming from all over the world.

Digital Transformation

Managers are increasingly pressured by the delivery of results and ROI, by mastering digital skills, as well as by the capacity to integrate new technologies to enhance the marketing and sales effort.

Marketing Technologies Made Simple

Liminal helps managers increase their marketing and sales performance by reducing technological complexity, integrating traditional and digital marketing to deliver a superior customer experience that can drive business.

Inbound & Marketing Automation
75% of companies
using marketing automation
solutions and tools
get ROI in 12 months.
(Focus Research)
attract new leads
Account-Based Marketing
More than ⅔ of B2B companies
implementing programs
of Account-based Marketing
increase sales by 10%.
(Demand Gen Report)
Win key-accounts
Sales Success Management
CRM implementations
increase sales volume by 29%,
increased commercial productivity by 34%,
and new deals closing improvements by 42%
increase my sales
Engagement-Based Loyalty
Customers involved in loyalty programs has
90% increase in frequent purchases,
spend more 60% on each transaction,
5x more likely to choose your brand.
retain my customers

Be a Data-driven Business

We unite Marketing and Technology to expand your business.
We are a team made up of different generations. Together with a shared vision.
We cross skills and know-how from Strategy & Management, Marketing & Sales, IT & Analytics,
with large executive experience in multiple markets.

Let’s do it!


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