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Microsoft Dynamics 365

An integrated solution for the core areas of your business

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 is a Microsoft platform that allows the registration and analysis of activities in all business areas. This platform, being from Microsoft, allows its users to have access to Microsoft's own content, enabling, for example, integration with Office 365 and LinkedIn.

Dynamics 365 includes several applications targeted to different areas, such as: Sales Dynamics, which allows you to improve the productivity and performance of your sales team; Marketing Dynamics, which helps you create personalized experiences and identify potential customers; Service Dynamics, which lets you optimize customer support resources and helps technicians be more efficient. Finance Dynamics, which allows you to automate finance processes; Operations Dynamics, designed to simplify production and supply chain management; Retail Dynamics, which helps unify physical and digital commerce; and Talent Dynamics, to streamline HR-related processes.

Empower your teams with cutting-edge technology

More than automating the sales team's routine tasks, Dynamics 365 Sales enables you to understand customer needs, interact more efficiently, and win more business.

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Dynamics 365 Marketing is designed to make the work and results of marketing more efficient. By enabling tracking of all leads, from the first moment to the closing of the sale, it allows to align marketing and sales efforts towards a common goal: to grow the business.

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Delivering a superior customer experience is imperative today. Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Field Service allow you to provide the best after-sales support, so you can add value to every interaction.

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A platform that improves the customer experience

  • Contextual artificial intelligence
  • Integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Pipeline analysis, business insights, relational analysis and conversation information
  • Integration with Outlook, Sharepoint, Excel and other Microsoft solutions
  • Accounts, contacts and opportunities overview
  • Custom fields
  • Reminders and tasks
  • Workflows
  • Custom analytics and dashboards
  • Lead scoring
  • Custom dashboards
  • Multichannel channels: email, telemarketing, SMS, LinkedIn or others
  • Workflows
  • Native integration with LinkedIn
  • Portal for event management
  • Artificial Intelligence oriented segmentation
  • A/B testing
  • Customized Customer Journeys
  • Live chat
  • SMS support
  • Access to the entire history of interactions with each customer
  • Community portal support
  • Chatbot
  • Automatic distribution of support tickets by agents
  • 360º view of each customer's experience
  • Performance analysis
  • Satisfaction surveys

Microsoft Partner

Liminal is a Microsoft Partner, ensuring all the skills to help companies in the digital transformation of the marketing and sales departments. The partnership between Microsoft and Liminal signifies a pertinent and innovative approach to how managers view the role of marketing technologies in the digital transformation of the enterprise.

Strategy should always be thought of first. However, knowledge and mastery of what can be done with technologies should influence and accelerate the strategy. Technologies support strategy, but they can also have an impact on several areas of company management and even dictate new strategies. The art lies in knowing how to combine these two poles.

3 steps to grow your business

Analysis and Strategy

Diagnose your company's digital maturity and marketing and sales performance, to design the main strategic variables of MarTech business and processes.

MarTech implementation

Implementation of technologies such as CRM, Automation and Analytics, and customization and parameterization of modules, ensuring the adaptation of platforms to the reality of the business.

Continuous Improvement

Monitoring, optimization and continuous improvement of processes and systems, ensuring that MarTech actively contributes to business growth and success.


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