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Engagement-Based Loyalty

Upgrade your customer experience with martech. The closing of the first sale is just the beginning of a lasting and dynamic relationship between your customers and your brand.

Customers involved in loyalty programs have
90% increase in frequent purchases,
spend more 60% on each transaction,
5x more likely to choose your brand.

Engagement-Based Loyalty

Liminal designs, implements and optimizes interactions that upgrade customer experience and create high customer engagement throughout the post-purchase journey. By integrating CRM, BigData, Analytics and Customer Support Solutions platforms, we are able to gather data and generate insights that enable your business to develop in-depth knowledge of your customers and translate it to more personalized and omnichannel experiences.
To enhance this unified experience, the Engagement-Based Loyalty program will increase contact points and enable more interactions with customers, enhancing a high affinity with your brand, services and products.

Benefits of
Engagement-Based Loyalty

Improve customer relationships
Create a new service experience by integrating all your points of contact and relationship with your customers.
Better analytics
Make decisions based on critical insights to strengthen your services and your brand.
Retain your customers
Increase your loyalty levels and avoid churn.
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