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The Liminal Approach

The challenge

Marketing must adapt to the changing nature of customer paths in the digital economy, guiding them on their journey from the need (ZMOT - Zero Moment of Truth) to the purchase decision. Tools, teams, and insights, gathered from customers’ behavior analysis across multiple channels, are essential to automate processes, personalize interactions, and manage operations to achieve the greatest success.

The Liminal space

To improve our results, we combine business strategy and management, marketing and sales,
martech - marketing technologies - and big data in a unified service and offering.


The Liminal framework

The Liminal framework allows, in 3 steps, the execution of integrated marketing and IT solutions,
with high impact on customer satisfaction and customer total experience.
This approach is multidisciplinary and involves people, processes and systems,
around the relationship with customers, to better understand and anticipate their needs.